Chair massage Antwerp

Our professional team provides massage at work (such as chair massage) . This can take place at your company itself or at a location of your choice (fairs, team building activities, incentives, staff party, seminars, management meetings, …).

We bring all the material (ergonomic chair, aroma spray, protective cloths for the headrest, …). You only need to provide a suitable space (approximately 6 square meters per massage chair).
All our masseurs have good knowledge of anatomy and are qualified (no trainees or students). In addition to a massage diploma, they have also received other training (physiotherapy, ergonomics, physical education, shiatsu training,..). We have been around for 10 years and have already gained a lot of experience.


The chair massage lasts about 20 minutes, is given on clothing without the use of oil. This makes chair massage accessible. After this massage you are relaxed and full of energy you go back to work. Before the chair massage starts, a number of questions are asked so that the masseur can take into account the complaints of the participants. They can speak to your employees in Dutch, French and English.
For large groups we can be present with several masseurs at the same time.
We draw up a timetable so that everyone knows exactly when it is their turn. The chair massage can be organized at the time you prefer : during or after working hours, during the lunch break, in the evening or even during the weekend.


Work pressure and deadlines bring stress, which takes a lot out of body and mind. Not relaxing enough leads to stress-related complaints such as headaches, back problems, stiff muscles, pain in the neck and shoulders, … All these complaints are addressed with chair massage. Since 2014, companies are obliged to tackle psychosocial risks, by calling in Wellness for Business you comply with this legislation.

Contact us for a tailor-made offer and start with a healthy personnel policy!