Ergoconomics at your Home Office

The right posture at your home office is crucial to prevent physical complaints.

Ergonomics at your home office

This online program (only via webinar) can be done in 3 phases:

Ina first phase, this is a group session of 1h30 where the most important tips are given to adapt your own home workplace ergonomically.

In a possible2nd phase you will be guided in smaller groups.

In a 3rd phase, individual guidance of your home office is possible.

More info?

We will contact you within 24 hours.

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    The webinar on Home Office Ergonomics was tailored to the current work situation where telecommuting has become the new norm and thus met our expectations.
    The coach was available for questions and answers during the Webinar.
    The feedback from the employees was also positive and some of them have already taken the necessary action.

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