Ergonomic office sitting position

Swap your office chair for a sitting ball? A good ergonomic sitting position.

A sitting ball is a good addition to an office chair. A whole day on such a sitting ball is too tiring and gives less comfort. Use the sitting ball for two hours a day and alternate with a normal office chair. You sit higher on a ball, which means that your desk or computer table must also be higher. This way you avoid bending your back and neck forward. A good ergonomic sitting posture at your company makes your work easier.

The big advantage of a sitting ball is that your body has to constantly correct itself, so that you activate the abdominal and back muscles more to maintain the correct posture with a straight back.

In addition, you become more aware of your posture during the rest of the day.
An additional advantage is that you can use the sitting ball as a fitness ball. The ball demands a lot from your balance, which puts extra tension on the muscles.

Some tips when purchasing and using a sitting ball:

Choose the sitting ball according to your height to avoid incorrect posture.

smaller than 160 cm: a ball with a diameter of 55 cm
between 160 and 180 cm: a ball with a diameter of 65 cm
larger than 180 cm: a ball with a diameter of 75 cm

Don’t buy a sitting ball with support tops or a seat ring to keep it in place, because then you won’t move and the effect will be lost. Also avoid a backrest for the same reason.

Pump up the ball every now and then so that the tension remains good.

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