Sleep well !

Everyone has a bad night! But what exactly is sleep, what does a standard sleep cycle look like?


Sleep well !

Sleep is one of the 3 pillars of good health, next to nutrition and exercise. Sleep is the gateway par excellence to our daytime performance. Everyone has a bad night! But what exactly is sleep, what does a standard sleep cycle look like?

During this lecture, people get insight into their own sleep-wake mechanism and they go home with a simple step-by-step plan to work on their own sleep skills.

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  • Bank J. Van Breda


    The information session on sleeping was well received. Everyone found it interesting and/or useful. Rather, for many, it was a reassurance that their sleeping habits were not problematic. The speaker spoke with expertise, covered the most relevant topics and allowed for questions to be asked and answered appropriately.

    “Very good speaker with knowledge of the subject. Found it interesting and … remarkable, I have slept 6.5h yes!” “I myself found it interesting. The lady brought it in a very accessible way. No difficult medical terms but with concrete situations that are recognizable for everyone. She also gave some tips to prevent possible problems or to be alert for them and I found that very useful. I can recommend following a next session.”

  • Möbius


    The webinar on Importance of Good Sleep was delivered very clearly and intelligibly, with enough scientific links to understand the system and yet without an overload of information. Plenty of practical tips.

    Very interestingly brought with concrete examples to apply it in our daily lives. Is actually something that everyone should follow, everyone can pick up something from this.

    Very energetic, yet at the same time calm and clear in conveying the information.

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