Being resilient in life

Discover how you can strengthen your mental resilience

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Being resilient in life

Being resilient” has an effect on all areas of our lives. At work, it makes us more creative and driven to do our jobs. Challenges are met with confidence and our own potential is better used.

We zoom in on the concept of “stress” and how it decreases resilience under the wrong circumstances, but with the right approach can actually increase resilience.

You’ll get tips & tricks to live life with more resilience.

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  • Museum M


    Thank you so much for the pleasant and inspiring online session on Resilience. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. The coach’s voice was very pleasant to listen to. Her talk was well constructed and the presentation was to the point. The use of the break room to brainstorm and discuss the subject in small groups was very nice and it stimulated interaction.

    Was good to follow. I must also say that the structure was well put together: recognition of signals, tips and finally ending on a positive note by bringing out the motives. The cooperation in small groups and thus the strengthening of the sense of collegiality worked well.

    Thank you to Museum M for organising this, and to the consultant who conducted the session for us. Especially in these times an initiative that can be encouraged and is useful for all employees!

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