Time to Relax

Get acquainted with different relaxation techniques so you can go through life (at work) more relaxed.

Time to Relax

During this relaxation training you will learn how you can go through life more relaxed, both at work and at home.

Get to know various relaxation techniques (body scan, breathing techniques, visualisation, Jacobson muscle relaxation, …).

You’ll get tips and exercises to incorporate more wellness and resilience into your daily life in this Time to Relax workshop.

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relaxation exercise sitting on the mat
  • Voka

    West Vlaanderen

    The Time to Relax workshop was very inspiring and relaxing. We learned breathing exercises and ways to get our bodies completely back in balance. Positive about the workshop is that you will not only relax during the workshop but you will also be triggered and get tips to apply the techniques at home or at work and to think more about your body & health. The concluding chair massage completed the picture. Totally relaxed and full of energy we could get back to work. In short, top sessions!

  • Kom op tegen Kanker


    Everyone was wildly enthusiastic about Time to Relax! You delivered a perfect service: on time, good arrangements in advance, very professional team, … nothing but praise. It was a nice gift for our employees. Until next time!

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